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Pizza Bucharest

A good pizza is appropriate in many circumstances. It is suitable when you don’t have time to cook after a working day, when you wish to enjoy something tasty or for a party at home or at the office. A pizza is suitable at anytime and anywhere! And because there are a few companies in Bucharest that make delicious pizza, you have to choose among a few major players on the market!

There are a small number of companies in Bucharest where you can order a pizza that meets your requirements. But why should you waste your time by counting them when there is only one that delivers the best pizza: Trenta Pizza Bucharest.

Ongoing development

The first time you could hear about Trenta Pizza in Bucharest was in 2005, when it delivered pizza in 5 districts within the city by means of 3 delivery points. After 15 years, Trenta Pizza has managed to be among the few companies that deliver pizza and other products on the menu in all 6 districts of Bucharest. Moreover, due to the 13 delivery stores at present, it manages to cover the neighboring areas also. The development plan for Bucharest is continuous.

Diversified menu

The menu has been diversified due to the customer’s expectations. The pizza delivery companies in Bucharest have always competed in terms of menu diversity. Most of the pizza types that you may find at Trenta Pizza – 19 types of pizza, each of them on three dimensions: 24 cm, 30 cm and 40 cm. The menu also contains 6 types of pastas, 4 sorts of salads and oven roasted chicken wings menus.

Unique, classic and collection recipes

Ever since it started, we have delivered in Bucharest pizza prepared according to the Italian cook’s recipes. The pizzas of Trenta Pizza may vary from the simplest ones, which everyone knows, to the most exquisite and fine pizzas. The pastas and salads are also inspired from the Italian cuisine, and the recipe of oven roasted chicken wings is our own.

Satisfied customers

For Trenta Pizza Bucharest, each order is important and we do our best so that the customer be in the end satisfied with the product ordered and with the provided delivery service.